Mighty God

I wonder what people thought, thousands of years ago, when they listened to Isaiah’s words 

“For to us a child is born…And he will be called…Mighty God” (Isaiah 9:6).

Perhaps they thought about the power with which God had separated the Red Sea for their ancestors. How God had shown Pharaoh who was boss with acts that were both terrifying and amazing. Perhaps they contemplated with trepidation those who had defied God’s laws and commands. 

When we think about the word “mighty,” it is often with fear and apprehension. Mighty governments, come to mind. Leaders who use force and brutality to get what they want. Or people who exercise their power and authority without regard for ordinary people. 

Perhaps we think of mountains, oceans, rock faces that are huge and immovable and make us feel small and vulnerable. 

And yet, Jesus our Mighty God is like none of our thoughts or human images.

The Mighty God became a helpless, human baby, born to a young, insignificant woman in rough conditions and a shoddy home, amongst barnyard animals. 

The Mighty God was a young man who grew up to learn a modest, manual trade from his mortal father. 

The Mighty God stripped himself of all privileges (Philippians 2:7) so he could come and live with mere humanity. 

Yet, at the time he chose to make public his mission to bring God’s kingdom to earth, might and power shone through in ways that people had never seen before. 

When we read the Gospels, we realize there is something magnetic about Jesus. Something about Jesus attracted people. Crowds, thousands of people, sought him out. Was it because they had friends had been healed? Like a Black Friday deal, they didn’t want to miss out. No, coming face to face with Jesus meant meeting someone different, more than anyone else they had met. 

The Power of Jesus

To ordinary people, Jesus showed himself to be powerful but patient, strong but loving, commanding but gentle. Humanity but impeccable at the same time. And most of all, Jesu was their advocate.

If Jesus were on earth today I would be one of those people searching him out. I would be asking for help and healing from everything that causes me pain and suffering. 

How would you approach Jesus? Would it be:

“Lord, I know you can, will you?” 

“I am not worthy to touch your cloak, but please heal me from ….” 

“Jesus, rub your spit in my eyes so I can see clearly. So I can see you clearly.” 

“Stand next to me and say ‘neither do I condemn you.’” 

I want to sit as his feet, to hear his voice and listen to his words. I want to wash his feet with my tears and hear him say “go in peace.” 

Jesus, the Mighty God, had ultimate power in his fingertips and in his words that defied time and nature. 

A word spoken by Jesus had an impact miles away. A touch transformed mangled bones and diseased flesh so it became as soft as that of a baby. 

He opened dull, unseeing eyes so they could see be wide in amazment at God. He loosen tongues so they could praise him. He restrained demons and brought sensibility to people’s minds so they could tell others about the Mighty God.

Most of all, Jesus, God in the flesh, stripped of what he truly deserved, and separated himself from his Father so he could overcome death. This mighty act turned the sky dark, caused an earthquake because it was mind-blowing and earth-shattering. Jesus overpowered the darkness of death that we so dread not for himself but precisely because he doesn’t want you and me to know the pain of separation.

Let’s celebrate Jesus, the Mighty God, this Christmas.


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