1. Is this a new blog look I see? Sweet! I like it, Rachel. I also liked this quote: “PUT LOVE INTO PRACTICE WHERE PRIDE OFTEN PREVENTS.” We’re similar. I moved “away” as well. Your post words went deep. How to love from afar has been on my mind lately. Good timing. #thankyouJesus Visiting today via #livefreeThursday.

    1. Author

      Kristi, thanks for popping over. Glad you like the look of the blog but it’s also nice to know words went deep – only what God can do.

  2. I liked your reflections here, especially your advice about looking forward not back and being the first one to make a move to show love. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from #LiveFreeThursday

    1. Author

      Thanks Carly, sometimes so hard to put this stuff into practice, right? Thanks for visiting.

  3. I especially loved your section on “Love looking forward.” It can be so easy to look back with regret or sadness, but to recognize that today is a new day to start over with love. That’s hope! Thanks for sharing a great article with us.

    1. Author

      I like how you put it – today is a new day to start over with love. It reminds me this is what God does every day with us – his mercies and compassions are new every morning. Lamentations 3:22-23

  4. Rachel. What a powerful voice you used today. LOVE. In its truest sense. Looking forward to the joy versus back with regrets. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Hugs. Susan

  5. I love Heathrow! This is such a powerful post. Really made me think!

    1. Author

      Heathrow – good for shopping and people watching, as well as traveling! Thanks, Annie, for sharing.

  6. I love what you say about long distance- so true! My hubby and I started dated long distance, and it was a sweet time of talking via phone and in writing

  7. Wonderful reminders about love. I especially liked “put love into practice where pride often prevents.” So important to do if I want to truly be like Jesus.

  8. Yes, sometimes I don’t realize I’ve missed someone until I’m with them again. Such wisdom you bring in this post. Thank you for sharing with #RaRaLinkUp today.
    Blessings, Christy

  9. Love this Rachel..I’ve lived far from my family for most of my adult life,.
    .but when I found Jesus.. the emotional distance diminished with the love and
    forgiveness that took over my heart.Beautiful use of scripture here,
    and just lovely! Visiting from #rarlinkup today!

    1. Author

      Kathy, that’s a wonderful story. It touched my heart. So glad you visited and shared. Thank you.

  10. My daughter so wants to visit London! What an adventure and wonderful time it sounds like you had!
    These are some great words of encouragement. “Don’t dwell on the mistakes you made; look forward to blessing ahead”
    There are times I can dwell over past words, rethinking, rehashing and reconstructing better ways I could have put them together. But it’s like you say, we must move on not dwell on the mistakes but moving forward to blessing others! Thank you for these words! (Stopping by from Holley’s place)

    1. Author

      Well, I wish I could take your daughter to London and show her the sights. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. We are so good at beating ourselves us, aren’t we? Thankfully, God is much more forgiving and gives us a chance to move on.

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