1. It reminded me of Penninah, who tormented Hannah, and Leah who was “unloved “, what a shame and a waste that people are so cruel.

    1. Author

      Yes, what a pity. So easy to relate to though. Not much has changed in thousands of years.

  2. Rachel, I love this story, and I love the beautiful truths you draw out of it. I dealt with infertility. My prayer for years was that God would let me get pregnant. Then, it became “God, please, just make me a mom.” In time, He gave us two children via adoption.

    I have other prayers I’m still awaiting answers for. Thank you for the encouragement to stay persistent in praying. It’s too easy to just give up.

    I’m your neighbor at RaRaLinkup today. 🙂

  3. I’ve been writing and thinking about Elisabeth myself these days, and just yesterday had an experience of prayer that reinforced for me the truth that God is not even affected by geography when it comes to our prayer life. It is such an amazing thing to worship a God who is omnipresent and therefore active in every outpost of the universe!

    1. Author

      And we have to hold onto those times when he is active to encourage us during the difficult times when he seems silent. Thanks for your thoughts, Michele.

  4. Elizabeth is such a great example of bold prayer. We don’t see how much or how she suffered while she prayed, just the small glimpse or her ongoing prayer based on Gabriel’s message. Great encouragement to us all and series idea-will be following!

    1. Author

      You’re right, Jill, we don’t know how much she suffered but our Heavenly Father does, and he knows us fully too and the cries from our hearts.

  5. We pray for a job to get out of unemployment and depression and pain.

    1. Author

      Dear Heavenly Father, I bring Kaye to you now. I know you hear her prayers to get out of unemployment, for the depression and pain. I too, Lord, ask you to deliver her from these difficulties. Give her strength and peace knowing everything is firmly in Your hands and that you love her. You are a God who cares for the poor and the broken-hearted. Please care for Kaye now and bring people into her life to help her. Amen.

  6. I, too, have been waiting for God to answer a prayer. I’m starting to realize that maybe He is answering my prayer, but in His way, not in the way I wanted Him to answer. And I know that it is only for my good because He wants good things for me. Thank you for this timely reminder!

    1. Author

      As you wait and learn what God’s answer is to your prayer, I pray God will reveal himself in a special and tender way to you. He hears your cries.

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