Give God a Chance to Show He is Good

“I wouldn’t mind tasting squirrel,” my eighteen-year old son announced. We were at dinner with our neighbors and discussing the foods, some of them unusual, eaten in countries globally and regionally.

Not only did I think “yuck, not me,” but I marveled how far my boy had come. He sat across the table from me tucking into spicy chorizo sausage and a bowl of beans as we shared a meal typical for the area of Columbia our friends are from.

This was the child I thought would never graduate beyond chicken nuggets.

It may seem unfair to have such little faith in your child and your own parenting skills, but if you’re a mother, you’ve no doubt experienced the same.

If you’re in the thick of it right now, take heart. Your child will not always be a picky eater.

Keep inviting your child to open his or her mouth, to taste, and discover many foods are good.

We can apply this lesson to ourselves, whatever our circumstances.

We need to continually open our eyes and see that trusting God is good, even if we’ve had faith in him for a long time. God has got your back—I wrote about David’s experience a while ago—even when things don’t go as planned.

I’m relearning this truth daily at the moment.

If you’ve been following my blog, you will know we’re in the throws of moving house. But, it’s more complicated than transferring our belongings from one home to another. We will have a mobile lifestyle for the next few months.

The movers took our furniture into storage at the end of last week. It’s taken me since then to decide what I need as a nomad, and what I should discard.

It’s hard condensing your life into two suitcases.

We moved into our temporary accommodation at the weekend—an Airbnb—only to find it uncomfortable and awkward. Things were not going as planned. I shed a few tears that night. Eventually we found somewhere else to stay. I could say we figured it out, but I believe God was watching out for us.

I muttered, “we must be crazy and look ridiculous” over the last few days, to my husband and myself, but I’m learning nothing is absurd with God.

Even through this upheaval, I need to get up each morning and remember to taste and see, and take refuge in God. God is good, and he’s still got my back.

Do you know God’s goodness in your own uncertainty?

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