1. Great post Rachael! I have never been to Israel, but I would love to go so much! Part of me wants to see the different spots that are talked about in the Bible. However, I am like you in that the other part of me is much more interested in the living Christ than the artifacts of His time here on earth. He is risen! This Easter week has been one of true intimacy for me and Jesus and I am loving Him so! Happy Easter to you and your family!

    1. Author

      Jessica, how beautiful that you are having true intimacy with Jesus this Easter. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? We can have intimacy with him because He is Risen. Hallelujah! Happy Easter.

  2. Thank you for this Rachel. This morning I’m struggling with a mountain of to-do’s to prepare for Easter weekend and how to gracefully manage the competing needs of my children, work, dog, and house. It is such a great comfort to consider that Jesus is meeting me right here, through all these moments.

    1. Author

      Rebecca, yes, call out to him in those moments and he’ll be right there with you. Happy Easter.

  3. Rachel, I’m so glad we have that freedom to worship God in any place, at any time. Thanks to Jesus’ sacrifice we can freely approach the throne of grace with pure confidence, not worrying about anything else. That is simply amazing!
    Thanks for sharing your reflections and inspiring us to live godly lives in the day to day.

  4. Am just now reading this now, and after the high holy days of Easter. But you have answered a question I asked myself during a beautiful Good Friday service I attended at my church. I wondered, “What is next? Do we have to wait until Christmas and Advent for our next collective, meaningful, directed, recollection of Christ and our salvation?” I was so thirsty to mourn and then celebrate Christ, and was afraid of the long spell between Easter and Christmas. But what’s next is exactly as you’ve written: the day-to-day and ordinary lives, when we lean on the Spirit and Truth of Christ’s story. Thank you for answering my Good Friday question.

    1. Author

      Melissa, thank you for lovely comment. I’m so glad God spoke right into your Good Friday question through my post. Love when that happens. Enjoy the day-to-day with your Lord.

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