Finding Hope

I sat on the floor with my chin resting on my knees and my arms wrapped around my legs. Tears poured down my cheeks. I bit my lip to hold back the sobs. I didn’t want to wake my baby from her afternoon nap as she slept peacefully in the travel cot opposite me.

As despair churned in my stomach, I pushed down the desire to howl out loud. I could hear the television in the next room as my husband sat watching Sunday afternoon sports. He knew I wasn’t happy, but I didn’t want to burden him with the extent of my distress.

I loved my husband and my five-month-old blue-eyed daughter, but I couldn’t stand for a moment longer the life I now had. Actually, it wasn’t a life—it felt more like a shadow of existence.

I am honored to be guest blogging with my friend, Michelle Moore, for her Heart’s Song series.  Join us there to read how I found hope for my heart.

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