1. It’s horribly hot in Georgia, I step out at night with the trash and look at the stars, if I go out the back way, there are roses, I can sit on a garden bench to pray or just sing a praise song.

    1. Author

      What a beautiful picture you have paint – of the roses and the stars. I am in Georgia – Savannah – this week. And you’re right, it is hot!

  2. I was in London this week too and enjoyed walking round Hyde Park! So beautiful and such a great place to escape from all the noise and busyness of the city. Walking in beautiful places- in a park or garden or by the sea- is definitely where I find it easiest to connect with God but I’d never thought of that as linking with Adam and Eve walking in the garden with God so I love that you made that connection.

    1. Author

      I love it that you were in Hyde Park. It is so beautiful, and has such variety. So grateful for green spaces in big cities.

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