1. It’s great to see you here, Betsy, and I’m grateful for this encouragement: “Courage doesn’t mean we’re not afraid. Courage means we take bold steps when God calls, in spite of our fears.” If I waited for the feelings of fear to go away I don’t think I would ever do anything, but faith grows as we choose to step out and trust God despite our feelings. Thanks for sharing this post, Rachel.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Lesley. I’m another one who would never do anything if I waited for the fear to completely go away. 🙂 I appreciate you and YOUR BOLDNESS, friend.

  2. Thank you Betsy for sharing just what I needed today, and thank you Rachel for this wonderful series. Betsy, I literally felt the tears welling up as I read this. Sometimes just another hug for that strong-willed child. Just what the doctor ordered! Love you, friend.

    1. Oh Kristine. Friend, I’m praying for you. May the Lord strengthen you and give you joy today! Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate your friendship.

  3. Thank you so much for this, Betsy. I absolutely agree that true courage means doing things even when we are afraid. If I waited until I was brave enough there are so many things I’d never do. Still, I so often find fear holding me back and keeping me stuck in procrastination or avoidance mode. I appreciate your encouragement and your honesty here because it helps the rest of us, who can relate, to take those steps too.

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughts, Jeannie. Your comments always mean a lot to me. So true that fear is often at the back of my procrastination too. 🙂 It’s a lot easier to say I don’t have time for something than to admit I’m afraid! Let’s keep walking forward?

  4. Betsy, you are one amazing writer, I know. The transparency and sincerity of this post…
    Courage even for the hardest things.
    May we see courage to do the things the Lord requires of us. Courage shows how much we trust Him to bring us to the place He has prepared for us.
    Girl, I am truly happy to read the rest of your testimony. Thanks for all those young women you are calling up. Your simple hearted obedience means You do it bravely for the Lord.
    Keep shining the light for Jesus.
    God Bless

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Ifeoma. Maybe I needed this today. I do see some of my younger sisters (and daughters <3) in person too. 🙂 I think having an "older" person interested in them and listening is what makes the biggest impact. More than what I actually say to them.

  5. I thought I would get a tatoo on my 50th as well, but opted for a nose ring instead! Love this post. Thank you!

    1. Yes, I HAVE seen your nose piercing, Barbie. Sweet. If I loved my nose more, I’d totally go for that too! My 53rd is coming around soon, so I could still do it…

  6. I get goose bumps whenever I read those words from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Just as Aslan whispered them to Lucy, I’m sure that God is whispering them to us, and we need to be quiet on the inside in order to hear clearly.
    Fun that we’re both writing on fear and Isaiah 41:10 this week!

    1. Is that where those are from! 🙂 I had no idea. Need to google it. I LOVE Narnia. Blessings on you, Michele.

  7. Of all days and all things to read, this is what I was supposed to let fill my spirit. Thank you so much, Betsey. This post is dear to my heart as you may know. Have a beautiful rest of your week. xoxo

  8. Betsy, your words are powerful. I won’t even try to count the number of times fear has held me back from doing something…and I later regretted it. Mark Twain had a quote similar to what you shared today. I don’t remember it exactly, but it talked about how courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s doing something in spite of fear.

    I needed your words today. Thank you!!

    1. Praying for you now, Jeanne, that God will give you the boldness you need. <3May He even carry you forward when you can't walk anymore. <3 Thanks for reading.

  9. Your words are near and dear to my heart Betsy! I not only wrote a book about Brave Faith but I struggle often with being brave for God. He is bigger, stronger, and better than adversity we will face. You can take that to the bank but in the moment of fear, I start to doubt. I have had many “yes” moments in the last few years and all I can do is hold on for dear life. I’m still here to tell about it so it is true that God is bigger! Thank you for these words today!

    1. That’s right, I remember your book, Mary! You are a very bold and brave woman, my friend. Let’s hold on for dear life together!

  10. Those are really powerful reasons you felt fear, but that’s why He says not to. And I’m not a tattoo person either. I rather just change clothes, it’s not as permanent.

    1. You’re practical, Rebecca! (Changing clothes vs. getting a tattoo. 🙂 ) Yes, His Word tells us over and over not to fear because He knew we would.

  11. Oh Rachel and Betsy…this is good stuff! Your transparency encourages me because I get it! Bold is my word this year. And I was scared when I sensed God giving it to me! But I so pray I can walk out in humble boldness to go/do/share/minister/love wherever He leads. xoxox

  12. I expected you to end this post by telling us you got the tattoo after all! 🙂 My 54-yr-old friend is about to get her first tattoo. Her 22-yr-old daughter wants to get matching crosses on their ankles, so she couldn’t resist that. I haven’t done it yet myself.
    I’ve always said that doing things scared takes far more courage than doing them unafraid. So you are very brave, Betsy!

  13. Amen, Betsy: “You can be brave in the face of fear because God is with you.” Thank you for encouraging my too often fearful heart. But taking the next step with God by my side.
    Love this series, Rachel!

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