1. Oh how I want this too: “I want to be sure enough of God’s truth to boldly proclaim it.” I feel like I’ve been in a season of backing down as well. I think I’ll be borrowing your very effective little prayer. Thank you, Holly :). And thank you for sharing her much needed words today, Rachel.

  2. Praying boldly will bring bold answers from God. I’ll admit that sometimes praying like this is frightening. One of my underlying themes this year is “go big or go home”. God is holding me to this. It is praying the prayer and then releasing the answers completely to God. It honestly is helping me to live out bravery in my own life. I am praying for boldness with you today. Thank you for your wise words.

    1. Whew, girl, you are BRAVE to pray that prayer!! But I can’t wait to see what God does in response. Keep on being bold, friend.

  3. Thank you especially for these words: “And I want to trust in Him enough to believe He is backing me up when I meet opposition.”

  4. Sarah, I do want to trust Him that much. I’ll pray for you if you’ll pray for me! Thanks for reading.

  5. Holly, the timeliness of this post is positively uncanny. I just this minute put together a very uncomfortable agenda for a meeting that will come sooner than I want, and there are issues that it is my responsibility to address . . .
    It had not occurred to me to use the word “boldness” in my prayers, but this is what I need — our generation of Christian women may have had some of the boldness squished out of us on that brick wall you mentioned. Nonetheless, we are responsible before God to speak truth. Thanks for this post.

    1. Michele, I’m so glad this post encouraged you to pray for boldness and hope your meeting went well! Thanks for reading!

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