It was 11°F/-11°C this morning as I dropped off my boys at school and went for a quick fifteen minute Prayer Zone Workout. Within minutes my nose was like ice, my fingers tingled painfully in my gloves, and cold penetrated three layers of clothing. I tweeted: “How come birds can stay warm and chirpy in 11°F/-11°C weather. We can’t. What was God’s plan?”

Boston winterPerhaps, God’s plan was that we should do more shopping for clothes? I can easily and happily do that!  Or that we should be thankful for a warm house? I don’t appreciate it enough. Or, that we should remember the homeless and refugees? This is my challenge for today.

It’s easy to ignore the plight of others, especially when your home is in a wealthy suburban town where poverty is not blatantly obvious, although it is on your doorstep. That was Rich Stearns‘ message to us at the Justice Conference 2014 last week. I pay little attention because I can go about my day without it directly affecting me. Yet, this in not God’s intent.

I have warm coats that have been hanging unused in my closet all winter. Someone else could benefit from them. Are charities still collecting coats this late in the season?

coatsApologies to my husband – one of the coats belongs to him.

I could curb my spending so I don’t have excess clothing, and donate the money instead. This one is hard for me, I have to admit. I love to shop for clothes. Lynne Hybels is doing exactly this–forgoing her wardrobe enhancement this year to give to those in need.

I can afford to give more money to worthwhile organizations like World Vision and World Relief who have direct contact with those who are suffering in the winter.

I could pray for the homeless and refugees. I should definitely do this, but if I have the means to do more, then I should.

Please don’t point the finger. I’m putting myself out there, and I’m very good at beating myself up. If anyone can point the finger, then it is God. However, this is the time he shows favor to us, and in return he wants us to show favor to others. So, will you join me?

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