1. I never thought of comparison like that, but it is a great way to remember that we are all on equal ground. I love the picture of walking together on level ground and looking out into the horizon. Thank you so much for sharing this encouragement on 100 Happy Days!

    1. Author

      Looking to the horizon of what God has planned for us and keeping our eyes on Jesus. Thanks, Valerie.

  2. Good perspective. We each have our purpose and valuable input. Comparison is a hard habit to break.

    1. Author

      The funny thing is, Cathy, comparison is one of my strengths (from Strength Finder)! I have to figure that one out.

  3. Hello Rachel,
    I’m loving your blog.
    Thank you for this write-up on ‘worth.’
    I have struggled with knowing my worth in relationships. But thanks be to God, He has delivered me by constantly reminding me that I am His MASTERPIECE! Created in Christ Jesus.
    So now, I just keep my eyes fixed on Jesus instead of my perceptions and circumstances.
    Thank you once more.

    1. Author

      Keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus is the perfect place to be. Thanks for being so honest.

  4. In other words, we’re all in the same boat. Comparison really is the thief of joy. But if you have to see yourself going up that mountain, reach back and help someone else.

  5. Rachel,
    I heard so many freeing truths last weekend and that illustration by Liz, coupled with Lori’s reminder of Nehemiah’s story and the exhortation that we all have our piece of the wall, was very powerful.

    1. Author

      Yes, so much wonderful truths last weekend. This post was only one of them. Thanks for visiting, Rachel.

  6. Yes, Rachel! Let’s hear it for seeing ourselves as He sees us … much loved, valued, precious, priceless.

    And find that these qualities spill over into the dailyness of our writing, our living, our tasks …

  7. Thanks for this Liz-fix! I love her ministry, and your words are true on every level — not just in my writing life. I need to see God with His arms spread wide.

  8. Great visual from Liz, thanks for sharing it and your heart, Rachel. It’s so true, and I will be using this as a visual person when I’m tempted to compare.
    Thank you for being a blessing to so many!

  9. I have been haunted, even tortured by comparing myself to everyone else. I just thank God for bringing your words into my life today. I feel lighter and free. The statement was made that “comparison is a thief of joy”, it reminded me of satan’s tricks. Comparison is a weapon of destruction that is completely in opposition to the Message of Christ. Your words have given me peace. Thank you

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