1. Carey, what an encouragement! Your sharing is reminding me that the Lord is fighting for me as I wait! I hadn’t thought of that as being bold, but it is!!! Waiting with you Sister.

  2. Sarah, thank you so much for sharing Carey Scott’s guest message on Rachel Britton’s blog site with all of us in Heart”wings.”

    I am so honored and blessed to be able to call all three of you my friends and sisters in Christ through our ministry in Heart”wings!”

    Carey, you know how much I love your “Untangled” ministry, how I found tangles I did not even know I had until I walked with you through “Untangled” and you showed me how to turn to God to set me free from them. I am so proud of your decision to wait for God to resolve this situation of your having been plagiarized. You are living out the words from your book and showing your total trust and faith in Him.

    Rachel, very nice blog site!

    Have all of you ladies checked out our HeartWingsBlog.com yet? j

  3. Carey, what a story! I can’t even imagine… Thanks for sharing your testimony of waiting on God to be your Defender. May the Lord bless your words and take your new book where He wants it to go!

    Thanks for opening up your site to such beautiful women and their stories, Rachel! YOU are one bold woman of faith!

  4. Hi Carey. I recently read Untangled, and I appreciated your raw honesty. Blessings on your next book launch! I’m sharing this post on FB and Twitter to spread the word.

    1. Thank you, Sarah! Appreciate your willingness to share my story with your people. What an encouragement!

  5. Oh Carey, what an unsettling yet victorious story. That you have claimed one of my favorite verses made me smile. I couldn’t believe the freedom when I claimed those words a few years ago … and started handing troubling situations over to the Lord and stopped believing that I must always do battle.

    He’s got this.

    So good to meet you this morning …

  6. I often cling to Ex 14:14.
    Congrats on your books, no matter how the words are used. It is hard to not fight our battles, but God is better equipped!

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