1. I recently watched a program about how Germany was rebuilt after Hitler. The US sent major assistance. But seeing bombed out buildings and children being put up for adoption, one little girls mother had poisoned herself, that’s not what we’re used to. You know even better than we do, being from England, the first hand stories from parents or grandparents, 9/11 was certainly enough, we need to be both careful and considerate, be on guard, but be who God wants us to be to others.

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      There is so much unnecessary and terrible violence in the world, so we must rely on our God even more because we know one day we will live in a far better world where there are no tears and troubles.

  2. Yes to God-sized dreams and asking for what’s beyond our imagination. It truly is a scary thing to do, not knowing what God has in store. But it’s oh so much greater indeed! Thanks Rachel!

  3. Wonderful post! We can often think our imaginations are so creative and yet, our God’s creativity is beyond all we can imagine. Seeing as my word of the year is “audacious”, this post spoke to my heart today. Thank you!

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