It’s not the size of our prayers that matters, but the magnitude of the one who receives them.

Sometimes, I doubt whether little things can really make a difference.

For instance, I pray asking God to bring peace to help the innocent men, women and children suffering in South Sudan, but I question whether my little prayer will bring change. My prayer seems inadequate in comparison to the huge problems facing that country, and the forceful tribal leaders controlling the fighting.

Yet, recently an experience made me reconsider my uncertainty in the power of small.

I stood on the aft deck of our cruise ship, while on vacation, looking out at the huge wake created as we powered across the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

This floating city of restaurants, theaters, swimming pools, cabins and 2,500 vacationers, as well as a 1,500 crew, may not look ginormous on the wide-open ocean, but sailing into the port at Rhodes gave a different perspective.

We towered over the thirty feet tall medieval walls of the old city. They looked like a toy castle compared to our monstrous size.



As we sidled inside the harbor barriers, like arms of a giant coaxing us into the calmer waters, I realized we only achieved it because a tugboat aided us.

Painted bright red with the letters Herakles across the side, it brought a smile to my face. After all, Hercules was a hero of superhuman strength in Greek mythology, and consequently recognized as a god. This modest little boat, compared to our flamboyant cruise ship, realized her importance.

Being big isn’t everything.

We must not underestimate the power of small.

Consequently, we should not misjudge the effect of our humble prayers. They are directed to the God who rules the universe—a God who is more powerful than any warlord. God rules over the nations with power and might.

It’s not the size of our prayers that matters, but the magnitude of the one who receives them.

Nor should we underrate the effect of our minuscule faith. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, said Jesus, you will move mountains.

Are you doubting the effectiveness of your prayers? Believe they will make a difference.

Do your prayers seem too small to change the enormous problems you are facing? Remember the one to whom you direct them.

How will you pray today? Here’s a prayer prompt to get you started.

Prayer Prompt - I boldly believe my small prayers do make a difference.


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  • I love this Rachel! As I pray what seems like impossible prayers, I try to remember my God is the God of possible and if He wants it, He wills it. Great visual on the tugboat!

  • ThIs was an excellent devotional Rachel! Such a wonderail reminder of the power of the One we serve. Thank you for these comparisons. Enjoy your respite!

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