1. Love your transparency here Rachel, thank you! I’m right here with you living “loved and wondering where Jesus is asking me to follow him for this next adventure.”
    Thanks and looking forward to the adventure!

  2. Love this story Rachel [and I’m certain I would love your accent! :)] Seriously, its such a comfort to be reminded just how much God loves the prodigal in all of us. Waiting, watching, always, always hoping we’ll come home. What a good, good Father He is. I was blessed by your story today! (Your neighbor from #livefree!)

    1. Author

      Yes, I love the story of the prodigal son. It’s such a beautiful picture of what our God is like.

  3. So many good thoughts here. My biggest takeaway -> faithfulness in the hidden places. The 13th disciple was still a disciple, a follower. No books of the Bible named after him, but still, a follower. This is what I want to do (and be).

  4. He sees me. That is such good, solid, motivating, heart-warming truth, Rachel! Thank you for sharing these beautiful words. May God bless you richly, friend.

  5. This is so absolutely beautiful. Thanknyou for sharing your heart. I love the beauty of God’s redeeming love and his grace in our every monent. Linked up from Jennifer as Coffee with Jesus. You were my neighbor.
    Wendy from Widow’s Manna.

  6. Isn’t it so wonderful to know that we serve a God who pursues us! I really enjoyed this post! Thank you for linking up with #JesusandCoffee this week. Hope you have a blessed day!

  7. Love this, Rachel. If you and your friends ever decide to do Come With Me as a Bible study, I’d love to peek in!

  8. We all really can relate to someone in the Bible. I’m sort of a Joseph the dreamer, but I’m working on be Mary, the sister who chose to sit a Jesus feet in Luke 10:42. I’m not sure I’d call myself a disciple since they were called before the crucifixion, they walked right with Him, but didn’t always ” get Him ‘, they were under the law and we’ve been saved by grace.

    1. Author

      Mary, sitting at Jesus feet – I think we all long to be like her and have Jesus tell us we have chosen what is best.

  9. “I may have a position at the back, but…” I’m so glad Jesus knows I’m there. Lovely post Rachel. Blessings!

  10. Rachel,
    I think I alternate between pressing in and listening closely…then I wander off…do my for God business until I’m depleted, and then I’m back and pressing in again. It seems like we are always in a state of either going toward or away from Jesus. I wish I could maintain the discipline of always pressing in toward Him. After all, that’s where the sweet spot is. Loved this post 🙂

    1. Author

      Either going toward or away from Jesus – sounds like the sheep we’re described as being like, don’t you think? Thank goodness we have a Good Shepherd.

  11. Rachel, I feel like we just shared a cup of coffee and you shared your heart and passion! Thank you! What a beautiful testimony of pressing in to Jesus. I find myself in that place now. He calls to me: “Shauna, will you just do what I’ve already told you to do?” I’m so thankful for His persistence and grace. I find myself slowly learning. Yielding. Abiding. And it is a deeply satisfying and peaceful place. When I find I’ve left it, I long to return.

    1. Author

      Shauna, even in your short comment I can see you have a longing and desire to press into Jesus, too.

  12. Thanks for this post. I have had similar thoughts as well over the years as I grew up in a Christian home and didn’t have the dramatic conversion story. But God graciously showed me that I am just as much in need of Him as anyone else. Thanks!

  13. So well said, Rachel! After reading Suzanne Eller’s new book, Come With Me, I was challenged about being the thirteenth disciple and wrote a piece regarding this as well. Your writing always blessed me and leads me to greater reflection! Thank you!

  14. Rachel this is such a rich post!! I had a dream that Jesus asked me to follow him and when I asked him why there were no men with him, he said, ‘that’s okay you can be my thirteenth disciple” and I woke up and my life was changed. I became a Christian at that moment. Love this post!

  15. Rachel,
    I loved reading about your life story and walk with God! I loved the part about your accent making you seem more sophisticated than you are (how honest — but British accents are truly elegant!). What an intriguing idea to consider yourself the 13th disciple and an eyewitness to Jesus — I love this thought! Thanks for these words today!

  16. What a great comparison! I don’t usually think of myself as a thirteenth disciple, but I am!

  17. Love this, Rachel! Your writing is so open and beautiful.

    mYour neighbor this week from a linkup. (I done forgot now…I had your tab up for a couple days but had to go out of town to visit a friend in the hospital.)

    1. Author

      Thanks Meghan. Your comment made me smile – someone else like me who keeps tabs open for days until I have time to action them. My family are always laughing at the number of tabs I have open.

  18. What a great study it will be! Having been following along with Suzie’s “Come With Me” I have experienced a change. A change in the way I see things. A deeper desire to pursue Jesus even more deeply than before!
    Your story of Jesus pursuing you is precious. The hope you share is so bright! I’d love to have you join my Moments of Hope link-up on Mondays. Your words would shine so brightly there.

    Blessings and smiles,

    1. Author

      How beautiful, Lori, that because of Suzie’s “Come With Me” you have a deeper desire to pursue Jesus. I’d love to link-up with your Moments of Hope.

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