I will give you thanks with all my heart; I will sing your praise before the heavenly beings.” Psalm 138:1

I sing with gusto when it’s one of my favorite worship songs.

Standing in semi-darkness, spotlights bathing the stage, the worship band drawing me into the mood, it is easy to give thanks to God in such an atmosphere. Drums, guitars, and the worship leader breaking into song, all invite me to join them in praise. Voices rise around me, and my heart warms.

I give my best to God on these occasions.

David wrote Psalm 138 as an expression of thanksgiving to God. I imagine David sang this Psalm in the presence of other worshippers. They too would have been encouraged to give gratitude to Yahweh for his goodness.

Yet, the opening verse of this Psalm implies there is more to giving thanks than a warm, fuzzy feeling, or singing praise to God in the vicinity of the temple or at church.

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