1. Rachel, THIS is a beautiful and authentic teaching on these names of God. Wow! Your story truly brings His names alive. And they are hard names to connect with because on their own, the words don’t make sense. But together, with your story and wrapped around Scripture, they reveal a most loving side of our Father and powerful attributes we can call upon.

    Thank you for sharing my new book, “I Know His Name,” and a few of the many magnificent names of God today.





    1. Author

      Wendy, it’s my pleasure to share your book. You have such a heart for people to really know how good God is in every way, even through the hard stuff of our lives.

  2. Yes, His jealousy is only to keep us away from things that are not good for us.

    1. Such wise words, Rebecca. Our Jealous God wants to protect us from all that would harm us and draw us away from Him.



  3. Rachel, what a wonderful post! I’ve often struggled with God’s jealousy. You have explained it beautifully! I am looking forward to Wendy’s book!

  4. So much truth here, my friend! God has taken me to the desert on more than one occasion, and while I grumble upon arrive, I’m always thankful for the journey!

  5. I love how you say, “God doesn’t bring us into the wilderness to punish us, but to save us.” What a true statement and one I need to be reminded of often! Thank you for being bold and speaking truth!

  6. I needed these words today. Sometimes the wilderness wanderings come even when life is good.Thank you for sharing Wendy’s book. I’m eager to read it.

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