1. You have quite the habit of making me tear up, my friend! I couldn’t help but think of my little one (only 2) when he’s all grown up. It will be bittersweet!

    1. Author

      So good to hear from you. Sorry for the tears, again. A comforting thought for you, 18-year-olds still like hugs as much as 2-year-olds.

    1. Author

      Thanks Sarah. I’m sure some days when I’m nagging them to tidy their rooms they don’t feel that way, but I think they know their faith is the most important thing.

  2. This post is very near my heart. I have two sons who are now 28, 30. I wrote letters to them as they were growing up to remind them and meow the blessing, protection and inspiration that God interwove in their life every day. Thanks Rachel, beautiful post!

    1. Author

      I pray they treasure our words of love, and forget any unkind words spoken in haste.

  3. This is so very good. I never realized my own desperate need for Jesus until I understood the depth of my flaws.

  4. So great! I have watched glass blowing before and was amazed at how focused the craftsman was and how much care he took to make sure the glass didn’t get too hot and that he cooled it off in just the right manner. I never pictured God the same way, so thank you for the picture.

  5. This is just beautiful and so timely! I’m a little melancholy this week because we’ve gone back to school. My three are younger than your boys, but going back to school each year reminds me of how quickly they are growing up. I can only imagine how you feel with two 18-year-olds! Congratulations! (BTW, I love how you used such sweet, vivid memories from their childhood to paint this picture. Just perfect.)

    1. Author

      Awww, Jennifer. My heart feels with you. I pray God will give you the comfort you need. I often think of Hannah. How did she do it? But, God blessed her. #beboldgirl

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