Imagine if you were the next Max Lucado or Ann Voskamp. What if your name appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list?

A good name provides a good read. Yet also, a respectable name reflects a renewed heart and restored life. So, I aim to gain a good name through learning the craft of writing, and a respectable name by leading a good life.

Sometimes, however, I do not live up to the aspirations of a fine writer’s name.

The other day I arrived at the track in the center of our town to practice my usual prayer workout. The sun peeked over the trees, yet crisp cold air filled my lungs.

sunlight thru trees

I curled my fingers inside my gloves, stepped onto the outside lane of the track and turned to the right, joining the other walking and jogging regulars.


I began to pray.

As I completed the first curve of the track, I encountered an unfamiliar sight—a woman walking towards me. Not only that, but she was in my lane.

Irritation flooded my being, overflowing as a steely stare and self-muttering: “You’re going the wrong way. Don’t you realize that everyone else is moving in the opposite direction?”

Our steps shortened the distance between us. I placed each footstep firmly in the middle of my lane. With shoulders back, elbows out and arms swinging widely I plowed forward. The woman was within breathing distance, yet bated breath stuck in my throat.

She smiled. I glared back. She stepped to the side. I strode on.

The incident was over… until the next lap.

I relayed the encounter to my husband when I arrived home.

He spoke words that had been struggling to gain attention in my head; shoved to one side: “What if she has read your book?”

Proverbs 3 says to win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man let love and faithfulness never leave you.

I was back at the track the next day. The same woman was there, walking in the wrong direction and in my lane. This time, however, I smiled. “Good morning,” I added.

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