By guest blogger Lori Schofer: “Life happens.” Ever heard that before? I’ve heard it hundreds of times. There is some truth in this statement—life going on around us, and also a sense of no control over the happenings. Yet, we know God is sovereign and he is in control of life and the events.

Transitions are the changes we find ourselves in as these happenings occur. Our transitions can be either voluntary (we chose them) or involuntary (they are imposed upon us). Nonetheless, we are all in some form of transitioning. We are either preparing for one, or in the middle of one, or coming out of one. And some of us are in multiple transitions.

How we handle these changes has a major impact upon us and those we love. Being strategic in our approach holds great value as we progress through transitions. Here are five key strategies to use while in a transition. Utilizing all five will have tremendous value. However, making use of just one or two is worthwhile as well.


5 Key Strategies

  1. Prayer

    We need to keep in close contact with our Lord as we are going through these transitions. Pour out your heart to him and listen to him. Allow him to speak to you.

  2. Mind-set

    What you think does matter. Where you focus your thoughts affects the outcome. Focus on the end result—the outcome. Do not look at the obstacles in your way. Keep looking up and forward.

  3. Support Team

    Get yourself a support team. Find people who you can confide in and who will be there for you when you need encouragement, or an ear or wise counsel. Let your team know how they can support you.

  4. Perseverance

    We don’t know how long these transitions are going to take. Some could be months and others years. Prepare yourself for the long haul. Focus on taking one step at a time to get through. Be sure to take that step because God can’t direct you unless you are moving. Take one step forward each day. You will be more successful this way.

  5. Celebration

    As you are making progress through your transition celebrate the victories along the way, and then all out party at the end. It’s important to recognize the progress you do make and to mark that. When you have fully completed the transition then celebrate BIG.

The more of these strategies you can incorporate the better. Each one holds value to your success. You are not alone in your life transition. God is with you each step of the way. He wants to be part of your journey and to be invited to your BIG celebration!!


Lori-afterLori Schofer is a Professional Christian Life Coach who helps people get ‘unstuck’ in their lives. She helps people breakthrough to bring freedom and control back to their lives. Her passion is to help others go faster and farther in life. She has worked in the corporate world for 20 years while raising a family. She is living out her purpose through coaching.

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