1. One line stood out with such wisdom. –> we disregard His instructions, we plow on and do our own thing, and then we get mad at God when it turns out the way we don’t want it to. So very powerful. Thanks for sharing this, Rachel!

  2. I felt this way a bunch over the summer. I’m reading through the Sermon on the Mount right now for perspective on many things. It is helping me greatly.

  3. I love the three points to help us when we have a bad attitude. I tend to step back from a situation, usually after it has been a train wreck, and reevaluate how I could do things differently. I do have the same problem of saying yes to others before I have always thought it through.Glad to be your neighbor at Testimony Tuesday to read these words today that I needed to hear.

  4. Oh … I really like it here, Rachel! Way back in my high school days I proudly sported an I LOVE MY ATTITUDE PROBLEM t-shirt.

    So I know where you’re coming from …

    Good to meet ya’ at Holley’s this morning!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! Your openness and honesty, although difficult for you is so helpful and refreshing. We can all relate! We all sin and fall short and no one likes to admit it. I love how God is using this in your life to be able to touch the rest of us! It helps us to look deep inside and recognize where our own bad attitude is! Thank you again, very inspiring!

  6. Hi Rachel! Visiting from #CoffeeforYour Heart! Your website is beautiful and I so much appreciate the openness of your personal sharing in what you have written here.Unfortunately, bad attitudes are habits that seem to sneak up on us before we sometimes even recognize them. They are certainly common in every aspect of our environment. Thanks for your reminder to us all.

    1. Author

      Thanks Pam, for visiting and for commenting. You’re right about bad attitudes, they are sneaky bad habits we need to replace with good habits.

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