Join me for this series where we will reflect on the past year, so we  learn how to shine in the year to come.

I learned a new word the other day: Earthshine. Earthshine is when sunlight reflects off the earth onto the moon and makes it shine. How cool is that! I never knew such a phenomenon existed.

It made me think. What do I reflect? And does what I display make the world around me shine?

So, over the next few weeks we are going to look back and look forward. We will reflect on the past year, so we can learn how to shine in the year to come.

Each blog post will contain questions to help you think about the past year and decide where you can do better in the New Year.  And to help you pray your way through this, I’ve created a guide with scripture-inspired Looking Back and Looking Forward prayer prompts and space to record your reflections.


Posts in the #LookingBackLookingForward series

We had a wild turkey in our yard one winter. I spotted it through the window from the kitchen. “How the heck did it get inside our fenced yard?” I asked myself.

It strutted menacingly—head jerking back and … (read more…)

I’d call myself a pretty good skier, although one particular afternoon on the slopes I faced a challenge beyond my ability, or so I thought.

Skiing with my family, we took a chairlift higher up the mountain where only single and double black diamond runs—for experts only—could be accessed. … (read more…)

If it snows in London, it’s like a sprinkling of wet confectioner’s sugar. Although, frozen precipitation is inevitable during the winter season, Londoners always seem completely unprepared. Sidewalks become skating rinks as commuters walk to and from work in far from suitable shoes for slippery … (read more…)

As I threw my collection of used plastic bags onto the back seat of my car, with the intention to drop them off at the recycling center of my local supermarket, I vowed to stop using plastic bags altogether.

Of course, the dilemma is how to make purchases in a shop without having it bagged and … (read more…)

Christmas lights in London are never very stunning, yet in January Londoners and the city’s visitors are going to be dazzled.

Huge areas of the city will be transformed with lighted art displays.

An event called (read more…)

God doesn’t reject you for being defective. God can use you for his perfect purpose regardless of your imperfections.

On a visit to the Simon Pearce mill in Vermont, I saw glassblowers at work.

I watched as one glassblower carefully extracted a glowing orange glob of molten glass from a searing furnace using a long metal rod, the blowpipe.

The glassblower sat down and gently rolled the rod backwards and … (read more…)


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