1. Rachel tears almost filled my eyes as I read this. I loved how you chose to use frying pans as comparison. I love to cook and so does my husband so we make a good team and it seems our kids do too even though they married spouses that didn’t but have learned being in this family. It’s like Good Friday again today reading this.

  2. Rachel,
    Good morning Rachel, Always lovely to stop by your place! I attempt to pray while I walk as well…I so want to be Mary, but end up like Martha going down rabbit trails that lead to nothing productive. We’ve been having some gloriously sunny days here in the South and like you said, sometimes I just need to go for a walk and thank God for being alive. I find that when I start with the gratitude first, my walks take on a whole new demeanor. Joining with you in wanting to sit in the front row at Jesus’ feet!
    Blessings friend,

  3. Good morning, Rachel. I pray that my best seat in the house will always be at the feet of Jesus. Thank you for that reminder. Thank you for linking up today.

  4. Oh boy, can I ever relate to distracting thoughts interrupting my quiet time! I love the thought of visualizing turning each one off! Thanks for inspiring me today! Cindy

  5. Definitely Jesus is asking me to take less action. At last night’s bible study I felt Him nudging me to just two scriptures. “Try this out Lynn…just two..you don’t have to learn everything at once. You have plenty of time!” So often my mind travels way ahead, onto the next thing before fully absorbing what is right in front of me. I’m glad He nudged you into breathing in the beautiful day on Good Friday.

  6. Rachel, I lost my focus this morning during my prayer time (as I do many mornings!). Then I thought about what is necessary – not my to do list, or all the chaos swirling. But sitting on the front row, at the feet of Jesus. Thank you, what a beautiful post!

  7. I recently wrote a blog post called Mary, Mary. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed but I knew that I had chosen what was important and it would not be taken from me. I can leave my laundry folded and put it away later, I can get back to prayer and study. The best place to be is at Jesus’feet. The Holy Spirit is always there, so in a way, we’re there.

  8. Loved reading this today Rachel- Thankyou

  9. What an amazing twist on this theme. I need this reminder to spend more time quietly at His feet.
    Thanks for your words here.

  10. Rachel,

    Thank you for the beautifully written reminder. I’ve always identified more with Martha – busyness, a major struggle. I needed this reminder today to take a front row seat!

  11. Sweet ponderings here, Rachel. While there’s much value in service, it’s important to take time in stillness before Him. Thank you for sharing this valuable reminder with us at Grace & Truth!

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