1. Phoebe, I love the wisdom shared here because I remember when I went to college far away from home long time ago, Iand I was the opposite of you.
    My favorite line from you today is “God has got you” .

    Your neighbor from #Ra Ra link up (#13)
    Continued Blessings to you

  2. Thank you for the inspiration to reach out to serve others instead of waiting for others to reach out to us and serve us because it is in giving that we receive.

    1. Thank you, Mairiam, that is a great perspective on my words!

  3. Such wisdom here! I am so glad you have found a place and purpose where you are!

  4. How brave and wise you are, Phoebe! I can learn a lesson from you on getting “comfortable with being uncomfortable. ” Thanks for putting yourself out there.

  5. I think I would have loved doing what you’re doing if I had had the chance at your age. You have a good foundation and family built on faith. Sometimes, loneliness is just God calling to you so talk to Him. And just be yourself. You’re doing great.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca, great advice.

  6. This sentence has my attention: “I have to believe God has got me.” Don’t we all? It’s so hard in this world to remember that. I clicked over from Holley Gerth’s link up and I am glad I did!

  7. Thank you for sharing this, Phoebe. I really like the line “Yet, I have to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable.” It is true that the Christian life is not always comfortable. I appreciate your vulnerability and transparency in sharing this post! May God bless you.

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