When we’re in a crisis or difficult situation and we turn to prayer, we want to be sure about who we’re praying to, how to pray, and why we pray. In other words, we need to know the fundamentals of prayer.

Join me for the Basics of Prayer series. You may be new to prayer, or it could be a review for you. This series is for everyone.

Whenever I’ve wanted to learn how to ski on harder terrain, I’ve taken a lesson.

The instructor has always started me on a slope I consider to be way too easy. There he has taken me back to the basics of skiing.

Initially, this approach made me feeling frustrated. However, after the lesson, I realized there were two reasons why the instructor did this:

First, he wanted to observe and assess my skiing ability.

Second, it’s because he knows it’s crucial to get the essential techniques right before moving onto harder terrain so as not to get stuck.

It’s the same with prayer. We need to start with or go back and review the fundamentals of prayer. If we have a good understanding of why and how we pray, then this insight is going to help us when we pray, especially when life gets hard.



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