Lost Girls: Silent and Suffering

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The story of Lost Girls has been overlooked and the horrors of their plight ignored.

I am proud to share the bold journey of my friend, Yar Ayuel. Yar’s story is overwhelming but it is full of strength and will give you a reason to hope.

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Yar says:

When I was just seven years old, the Sudanese government launch an attacked on my village and I witnessed the murder and torture of countless numbers of people. By twelve, I experienced such extreme starvation that I ate mud and drank urine in order to stay alive. I avoided lion and crocodile attacks, dodged enemy fire, and endured weeks of rain and months of drought.  To say that odds were not in my favor is an understatement.

Yar Ayuel

Yar Ayuel

Yar wants to do more than tell her unique life story and harrowing experience as a young girl traumatized in war-torn Southern Sudan: “I want to give a voice to the refugee experience of Sudanese girls today. Sudan is rarely in the news yet the crisis is ongoing and rendering more and more children ‘lost’—orphaned due to war atrocities.”

Yar’s story illuminates the need to reach out to female refugees in South Sudan as they are a vulnerable population.

In 2016, with the help of generous supporters, we were able to raise $10,000.  You can read about our Bold Plea for Help and the steps on this journey and how we rescued twenty-two women, children, and those who were sick and frail to the safety of refugee camps in Uganda and Kenya.

Now, through Rachel Britton Ministries and our status as a 501(c)(3) organization we aim to continue to help those women and children from South Sudan to improve their lives beyond the refugee camps. To make a financial contribution, click here.

Will you join me on this brave journey helping women and children survive the turmoil of Sudan?

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**Photo credit:  South Sudan, the Beautiful Facebook page