Lost Girls: From Silent and Suffering to Learning and Living

Our aim is to provide sewing and tailoring opportunities to South Sudanese refugee women to give them hope for the future.

In 2016, Rachel Britton Ministries funded the safe passage of twenty two women, children and elderly men from war-torn South Sudan. In South Sudan they faced life-threatening situations; food shortages, and the possibility of being killed or raped when leaving their homes.

One group arrived in Kenya, while the second group of women and children traveled to the Adjumani refugee camp in Northern Uganda.

The South Sudanese refugee problem often does not make headline news. Yet, over 1 million South Sudanese refugees have fled from South Sudan to Uganda in the last few years. More than 85 per cent of these refugees are women and children. (UNHCR)

On arrival, each woman is given a plot of land, basic supplies to build their own shelter, and food rations. With this, they are able to survive yet not thrive.

Women are the backbone of extended families and communities in Uganda’s refugee camps. Often the women take care of their own children, as well as other children they have “adopted” who have lost their parents.

Although the women and children now live in relative safety, Rachel Britton Ministries wants to help these women move from surviving to learning skills to rebuild their lives, provide for their families, earn an income, and give them dignity and hope.

Our mission is to equip and empower women in the Adjumani refugee camp in Northern Uganda to support themselves and their children through sewing and tailoring opportunities.

Choosing sewing and tailoring opportunities is strategic.

By giving the women the ability to make underwear, they and their families will be able to do their day-to-day activities with dignity. Moving beyond their own needs, we want these women to be able to make a surplus of underwear they can sell to provide for and support their families in meaningful ways. Eventually, we hope this skill will lead them to begin a small business and earn an income for the future.

The mission will be achieved through supplying sewing start-up kits: precut fabric of different sizing, thread, elastic, scissors, pins and needles, thimble, and simple, visual instructions to make underwear by hand.

We are looking for partners who are already familiar with and working in refugee settlements in northern Uganda to help us move forward on this project.

We are looking for your financial support to create the Sewing Start-Up Kits.

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