Quite often we are timid in our praying rather than being bold. We may feel we do not deserve to be in the presence of a holy God. But, understanding God’s mercy can help us.

The other morning I pondered the words Lord, have mercy on me as I walked and talked with God.

To me it is impossible to ask God for mercy and stay standing on one’s feet. In my imagination, I fall on my knees before the steps of God’s throne. I bow my head and speak … (Read More…)

Waves lapped gently onto the rocky shoreline. The water shimmered and sparkled as the morning sun climbed higher in the sky. A gentle onshore breeze blew the hair away from my face and rustled the reeds behind me. I stood looking at the glistening water, pondering the historic moments of this place.

This is where Jesus appeared, for a third time, to his disciples after he had been raised from the dead. Jesus watched his disciples from the same shoreline where I stood.

Peter’s boat was not … (Read More…)

For many Christian visitors to the Holy Land, it is not how they imagine it to be, nor how they picture it from Bible times.

The piercing call to prayer from the minarets scattered around Jerusalem, prompting the city’s Muslim inhabitants of their duty to pray, can be a surprise to the first-time Christian pilgrim.

The sound is a reminder Jerusalem is holy not only … (Read More…)

I love to ski and through this activity, I have learned a lot about trust that we can apply to our spiritual lives and trust in God. 

I belong to a ski club in Breckenridge in Colorado. What this means is I go skiing with a small group of men and women, of a similar skiing ability to myself, led by an instructor. The instructor’s role is to improve our abilities so we ski like the pros and feel more confident … (Read More…)



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