We can struggle to find time to pray when our days are full. Life can be busy from the moment we get up until we go to bed. Or when we do pray, our minds wander and we end up making our to-do list instead of talking to God. Prayer is hard to do.

I came across another reason for our difficulty with prayer, one I hadn’t considered before. In the devotional Magnificent Prayer it says “prayer is a lonely business.”

I sat in Starbucks … (Read More…)

New Year’s Eve. The cusp of two years. One is about to be left behind. The other stretches out ahead.

Our reaction, as we stand at this point, can be fear and apprehension.

The days, weeks, months are blank pages, yet to be filled. Uncharted territory, holding the unknown.

Some days are penciled in with plans, like a wedding or moving house. Other times, we’ll also be delighted by a surprise, like discovering a new baby is due.

Yet, we also know unwanted events will come out of the blue, … (Read More…)

Sometimes I have to remind my young adult children “don’t just text me when you’re having a problem. Get in touch when things are going well.”

I am glad to help sort out the insurance claim when a driver failed to brake at a stop sign and crashed into the side of my daughter’s car. Well, actually, my husband was more help than me. Or I’m happy to proof read my son’s application for a new job.

However, I’m also over the moon when everything is running smoothly at work, when they … (Read More…)

A bag of leftover Halloween candy sat in our pantry tempting me to slip in my hand and take one piece as I passed the doorway.

I knew the candy wasn’t good for me.

I can fool myself, though. “One small piece does no harm at all,” I convinced myself. After all, they are only bite-size. Pop it in the mouth, and it’s gone.

But, then I lost control. Before I knew it, I’d consumed a bag of pretzel M&Ms, a Twix bar, and a Reese’s peanut butter cup.

When I purchased the candy to give … (Read More…)



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