I love to ski and through this activity, I have learned a lot about trust that we can apply to our spiritual lives and trust in God. 

I belong to a ski club in Breckenridge in Colorado. What this means is I go skiing with a small group of men and women, of a similar skiing ability to myself, led by an instructor. The instructor’s role is to improve our abilities so we ski like the pros and feel more confident … (Read More…)

Choosing Love Over Stuff

I daydreamed of a beautiful old English house, with a flagstone hallway, big comfy sofas, and fine antique oak furniture. I pictured hollyhocks swaying outside the open windows and the scent of roses and lavender wafting in on a summer’s evening—not that I’m much of a gardener.

The dream seemed within my grasp, until I watched international movers advance through my home like locusts, swiftly wrapping every item we owned in cardboard.

It took four months for our … (Read More…)

6 Ways You Can Change a Person

Do you have someone in your life whose actions or attitude you’d like to change? Because, oh boy, the way they’re behaving and the things they are saying are so annoying.

The reality is, it’s hard to change people. We can try. We can think we have the ability to modify their behavior or how they respond. We can give advice and make suggestions. But, (Read More…)

God Moves In

God moves into the dirtiest and most squalid lives, and sets up home.

We climbed the steps from the subway station at Sham Shui Po on Hong Kong’s subway.

The unmoving sticky air hung heavy with the odor of noodles and spicy chicken.

People moved in all directions, except for a beggar. His wheelchair blocked the exit. A fingerless hand held out an empty plastic tub.

A man … (Read More…)



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