We are over just over halfway through the Prayer Zone Workout Challenge and I am encouraged by reports of growth that I am hearing.  One of our participants, Angie, has shared on her blog how the PZW Challenge has impacted her and I thought you might like to hear from her.  Thank you, Angie for your enthusiastic support of PZW!

So often, the pace of modern life doesn’t allow us to slow down enough to just feel God’s love surrounding us.  We tend to run from one event to another, without even thinking; it just becomes habit.

I have been trying to make a conscious effort to intertwine Scripture, and thoughts about Faith, and prayers, more and more in the repetitive parts of my days.

I even am voicing this blog post to my phone as I am exercising. 🙂  Well, the workout started in a different way, but I’ll get back to that in a minute…

We often hear such negative information about how much technology has taken over our lives.  And, in some ways I agree with that, but I want to share these GREAT ways that I have found, to utilize technology to intertwine more of God into my days.

Visit Angie on her blog to read how she is using technology, including the PZW app, to enhance her prayer life! Thanks again, Angie for being part of the PZW challenge!

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