I am a British-born blogger, author and speaker—a sojourner in America whose desire it to encourage women to know their worth so they can live dauntless and be bold on the journey.

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Measuring my worth against others is a slippery slope. On level ground, the tension eases and I can enjoy the view.

Know your worth.

To be honest with you, I need to know my own worth, too.

It’s a work in progress.

Often I struggle to know my value as a writer.

When I first started to write, I measured my qualities in terms of acquiring a book contract. “If I were to get a book published, I would be a successful writer and a real author,” I thought. … (Read More…)

In Part 3 of "Lost Girls: Silent and Suffering", Yar walks with her father from Sudan to Ethopia to escape the war in her home country.

In our previous installment of Yar’s story we ended with the happy news of Yar being reunited with her father. The appearance of a kind “soldier man” helped her to her feet and gave her protection. He seemed to vanish as quickly as he appeared. Yar never saw him again. Today, Yar’s story continues … (Read More…)



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