Yar’s move to America from the Kenyan refugee camp and placement in a foster home did not go smoothly. Instead, it was a harsh and difficult experience. You can read the previous installment to her story here: Finding A Place. However, an attentive and caring school teacher noticed Yar’s predicament and went into action on her behalf.

My new foster family’s concern for the well being of my brother and myself … (Read More…)

Dont feel guilty about struggling to accept God's purpose. Remember that he has good intent toward you.

Last week, we started our Prayer 101 series by discovering how to pray “not what I want, but what you want”. We began with asking God to reveal his good and perfect will, and for his wisdom. Today we look at three more steps to backing down in prayer.

I am well-acquainted with being at odds with God’s will.  It took me a long time to accept God’s intention was for … (Read More…)

God is big enough to show Himself to others. All I have to do is to point them to Him through praying big prayers. He reveals Himself through faithfully answering.

It was an epic story filled with conflict, mystery, and suspense, but it wasn’t a story just told for our entertainment. It was a true story– with God as the hero.

Our little band of women from Proverbs 31 Ministries sat in a small room in India filled with women who faithfully attended the literacy class led by Mission India. One after another, women in the class shared the stories of … (Read More…)



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