I am a British-born blogger, author and speaker—a sojourner in America whose desire it to encourage women to know their worth so they can live dauntless and be bold on the journey.

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Help us raise funds to get Yar's family to safety.

I have been sharing the bold story of Yar for a number of weeks. Now, it’s time to give you some background into how this came about and also share an opportunity for you to give a chance to women and children like Yar.

I met Yar by accident, although with God there are no accidents.

My friend, Danya Jordan, from Proverbs 31 Ministries came to visit me at my home in Massachusetts. I … (Read More…)

It’s not the size of our prayers that matters, but the magnitude of the one who receives them.

Sometimes, I doubt whether little things can really make a difference.

For instance, I pray asking God to bring peace to help the innocent men, women and children suffering in South Sudan, but I question whether my little prayer will bring change. My prayer seems inadequate in comparison to the huge problems facing that country, and the forceful tribal leaders controlling the … (Read More…)



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