I am a British-born blogger, author and speaker—a sojourner in America whose desire it to encourage women to know their worth so they can live dauntless and be bold on the journey.

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LG pt 1 double

Today I am sharing the beginning of Yar Ayuel’s story. You will find the events harrowing, but at the same time you will discover it is an account of strength and survival.

It began the most ordinary of mornings—a clear blue sky and steamy hot. I played with my cousin, Duom, at grandma’s home. My grandmother lived in the village outside of our town.

As we often did, we … (Read More…)

Open hands

A trapeze artist, a friend explained to me as I asked her for wisdom, has to completely let go of one bar before they can grab hold of the next bar. For a moment they are suspended in mid-air, hands spread wide, not holding onto anything.

The audience watches from below, holding their breath. Two thoughts go through the minds of the spectators: “They must be crazy’ and … (Read More…)



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