Speaking Topics

Rachel Britton web-
The most comment response Rachel hears when she speaks is “I love your accent. I could listen to you all day.” Rachel’s not sure her husband and three children would agree.

However, now Rachel is grateful that her mother spent so much time correcting her English pronunciation.

Overall, Rachel likes to encourage women when she speaks.

Heart conversation with God

Our hearts are important! Caring for our physical hearts through exercise is crucial, but much more essential is attending to our spiritual hearts. Based on the book, Prayer Zone Workout, you will be guided on how to have meaningful heart conversation with God in prayer, while exercising your physical heart.

This topic is available as a single workshop for one-day events, or a series of workshops suitable for a multiple day retreat.


Prayer Zone Workout Workshop

A lively workshop that introduces a new and refreshing way to pray. You will be provided with materials to continue praying and exercising individually or as a group.


Living with confidence outside our comfort zone

Have you ever felt out of place, out of your depth, or out of control of your circumstances? Rachel knows what it is like to live in this way, and the distress this discomfort can bring. Yet, she discovered this is often where God meets with us and we experience him and his love for us in a new and full way. Drawing on examples of biblical characters who lived outside their comfort zone, Rachel brings many truths and lessons that can be learned.


Feeling the breath of Jesus

Through the stories of first century women, Rachel shows being a Christian is more about getting to know Jesus and moving closer to him in a relationship and less about giving verbal affirmation to a set of beliefs or behaving in the right way. Each woman’s response to Jesus conveys a step in our relationship with him. As Jesus comes near to us, we are drawn closer to him in relationship from doubt, to devotion, to disciple.