Bold Girl Series

Welcome to the Be Bold Girl community where you will find inspiration and encouragement to overcome your challenges and be bold on the journey.

Here you will find:

#BeBoldGirl – an ongoing series of ordinary women and girls sharing their personal stories of how they find courage to be successful in their struggles.

You will discover you are not alone in the difficult circumstances you face. Their bravery will spur you on to be bold like them.

If you have a #BeBoldGirl story to share, I invite you to submit it here.

PrayBoldGirl looks at biblical women who prayed and teaches us to be bold before God in our asking and our obedience to him.

Bold Girls at the Cross – an Easter series of short devotions based on the first century women who encountered Jesus. Each story brings you closer to Jesus and the cross. The 40 devotions will take you from the beginning of Lent up to Easter.

Lost Girls: Silent and Suffering follows the bold journey of one young girl who escaped harrowing experiences in Sudan to come to the USA. Many people know the story of the Lost Boys of Sudan made popular by the movie The Good Lie starring Reese Witherspoon, but very few realize there were also Lost Girls, too.

Rachel Britton Ministries, my non-profit organization, is committed to helping refugees, in particular from South Sudan.

Our ongoing mission is to:

  • Bring awareness and be a voice to the suffering of women and girls from South Sudan.
  • Empower women and girl refugees from South Sudan by equipping them to build a better life for themselves.

In 2016, through generous donations, we rescued twenty-two people – women, children, and the elderly  – from the current-day fighting in South Sudan. They are now in the safety of refugee camps in Uganda and Kenya, yet this is not the end of our mission. Read about our Lost Girls program to provide these women with new skills and hope for the future.

Join the community of #BeBoldGirls. We are bold girls from across the world, in different situations, with varying experiencing, and a range of ages. All are welcome. There is something here for everyone to help you be bold on your journey.

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