1. What a fantastic melding of devotional and photography! And the message is one that I need to hear. If I can just put some distance between my first reaction and what comes out of my mouth, the Holy Spirit is given some room to redeem any situation. This is a continual concern for me as I want to model it for my boys.
    Blessings to you this day!

  2. Great thoughts! I especially liked #3. Acts 10 is one of my favorite passages of scripture. I love the way you made the connection between then and now.

  3. You are bringing out an important observation when you point out the fact that tensions were high and persecution was brutal during Jesus’ own day. As I type this at 6 a.m. I can hear the call to prayer from the local mosque through my window. Love and fearlessness is exactly how Jesus asked us to respond to the “others” in our lives.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment. So much love needed in our world. I’m curious as to which country you live in.

  4. Hi Rachel,
    Visiting today from Holley’s link-up. Your photos are so interesting — it must have been a fascinating trip! Thank you for sharing this experience with us!

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